SteelSeries Rival gaming mouse review - A contender to?


As I previously mentioned, the Rival is unlike any other previous SteelSeries mouse. It has a different design, one catered to a right-handed palm-grip user, with a raised back and an elongated front. While I’m not complaining, since I am a right-handed palm-user myself (target audience right here!), I am beginning to wonder how many of us are there, since so many recent mice sport similar designs.

I guess a fingertip user can get something out of it, though it’s a bit too much on the heavy side. If you have a clawgrip though, there’s no way you’d like using this mouse. It’s too heavy, too large, and the shape is not really friendly either. Sure, you can press left and right at the back of plate, but that’s not enough for proper handling.


Alas, I don't have the adequate equipment to measure the mouse movement and compare it with the registered movement, so I can't adequately dish out the the 1:1 response, even if I'd want to. However, I did try it out with a few games that support raw-input, like CS: Go and TF2 (Source Engine, after all), and if there is / was any kind of acceleration, negative or positive, I didn't notice it at all. In many respects, the performance is akin to that of Logitech's G502.

Jitter is usually caused by registering noisy data, and is visible via small deviations against small sides of the line. It's not something you'd notice in game (or with mouse smoothing turned on), but if you're using raw-input, usually design & drawing applications pick it up. The results are also influenced by DPI and polling rate.




From what I can tell, there's really no jitter, even at 6500DPI, where even breathing heavily is registered.

Prediction is something that a sensor or the CPU picks up on when you're moving your hand in a straight line. If there is any prediction, the sensor will pick it up and the line will be "overly" straight.

SteelSeries Rival - Prediction

It's obvious there's no prediction to be had either, which makes the Pixart PMW3310 one of the best sensors to play with at the moment.


 I played with the Rival for about a week, and in that time, I don't have any issues with the mouse. While I am in its target audience, I still think this is a great mouse, and one of the best on the market today. It doesn't have 982317498372642378964523 DPI under its hood, but that doesn't mean it doesn't perform well. It works exceptionally well with shooters, especially does where raw-input is actually important. Sure, it might be a bit too heavy for some users, but it's still lighter than G502 at its lightest.

However, it doesn't compete with G502, that's not its rival. The offering is rather simplistic, with only a few buttons, most assuredly not enough for MMO players who want a mini-keyboard to the rodent's side, but the software package is complex enough even for players who would rather create and tweak mini-scripts rather than play the game.

There is one small problem I see in its build, and that is the size and weight. I find it perfect for my hands, but I do wonder what low-sensitivity players would do with it.

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