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You have expensive gaming mice, and then you have really expensive gaming mice. Wireless rodents are pricier by default, but Sensei Wireless is available at a price-point only few rodents dare to approach. This is a $159.99 mouse, which can, at times, be considerably more expensive than some other options available on the market, like the Logitech G700s.

However, to my surprise most wireless mice with some type of a docking / charging station, are similarly priced, so Sensei Wireless really isn't the odd one out. MadCatz has the R.A.T. 9, Razer has Ouroboros and Mamba, hell, even Gigabyte's Aivia Uranium is similarly priced.


If you can pay the price, SteelSeries Sensei wireless might be one of the best, if not the best wireless gaming mouse on the market. It's an excellent rodent, using an ambidextrous design, and a great deal of features added to the mix.

Sure, it's very similar to the original Sensei, but that's not necessarily a bad. Some might not like the Avago sensor, and I can't blame them, but other than that Sensei Wireless is an awesome peripheral.

Pros Cons

- Excellent interior build quality;

- Exhaustive software package;

- Excellent wireless performance;

- Great Ergonomics;

 - Somewhat pricey;

Build:           9.5 9.1 Sensor:           8.5
Ergonomics: 9.0 Features:        9.5

Design:        9.3

Price:              8.0



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