Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury gaming mouse review - Is it mad?

After our review of the G502, the good folk at Logitech sent me their touted "fastest mouse evarrr," the G402 Hyperion Fury. From the packaging, it looks like Proteus Core lite, but the added info suggests a rather different beast. 

Logitech, I am starting to wonder how are you picking these mouse names? First you released G502, to which you added Proteus Core as a secondary name. Now, you do the same thing with G402, adding Hyperion Fury to its list of titles. What am I to make of it, does it mean something, and if it does, what?

Of course, I may be a bit cynical here, but I think, somewhere there's a big board with "cool" sounding words, and someone's just playing darts.

Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury - Product Image 

That being said, I have no problem with the mice themselves. This new generation of Logitech peripherals is fairly impressive. G502 is one of the few pieces of hardware that I actually felt compelled enough to give it an Editor's Choice award, and from the looks of it, G402 isn't far behind. This one is just designed for a different audience in mind. You see, the big selling point of Hyperion Fury is the touted highest tracking speed of any mouse on the market. It uses the aptly dubbed Delta Zero sensor, last seen on G602, and G100S, but also carries an accelerometer / gyrometer to make sure it registers even the slightest movement, at the highest speed.

There's more to it of course, the mouse shares a few similarities to the G400 (G400s), whilst still carrying the G502 palm-grip-ish design.

After spending some time with it, and taking it apart; I think I've got a refined enough opinion on this Logitech mouse catered to the performance-enthusiast shooter player, the G402 Hyperion Fury, so let's take a look.

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