ASUS ROG Gladius gaming mouse review - So many swords!

First Look

Opening the package, we see the Gladius wrapped in plastic. Inside we get an installation manual, a very nice padded carrying bag, a set of replacement OMRON switches, 2x ROG stickers, 4x slippy pads, and finally two sets of cables, one braided and one rubberized. 

This is probably the most accessory-laden gaming mouse I’ve ever opened, so kudos for that ASUS.

 ASUS Gladius - Package Contents

With everything out of the box, I finally got a better look at the surprisingly subtle Gladius. It’s a grey / black, mid-sized plastic-frame mouse, with separate left & right buttons, a pointless grill in the front, and a backlit Republic of Gamers logo on the back.

 ASUS Gladius - Front ShotASUS Gladius - Back Shot


The rodent uses a plastic base with 4 large PTFE gliding pads. The optical sensor is positioned right in the middle, while the cable detachment slide is placed at the front.

 ASUS Gladius - Underside

Since it doesn’t come with any weight customization options, the Gladius clocks in at 116 grams (without cable), which makes it a relatively light-weight mouse, considering its size.

Now, I tested the mouse on a number of cloth gaming-surfaces, ranging from rough ones like the SteelSeries QCK Heavy and QPAD UC, to smooth ones like the Logitech G240, CM Storm Speed RX and even ASUS RoG pad. The mouse glides smoothly on even the roughest surface, like the QCK Heavy.

As for tracking, using Gladius un-calibrated there is a difference between smooth and rough surfaces, though it's not noticeable, unless you’re fishing for it. However, ASUS has added ae calibration option in the software that trims out most registered noisy data (though not all).


Both sides feature an excellent feeling textured rubber grip, better than the one on Logitech’s Proteus Core

When it comes to design, Gladius is a right-handed mouse, with two side buttons almost perfectly positioned for fingertip and claw-grip, though not so much for palm-grip.

 ASUS Gladius - Left side

On the right side, there’s a nicely sculpted slope designed for the fingers to rest upon, usually something you'd see on palm-grip type mice.

 ASUS Gladius - Right side


Interestingly enough, ASUS opted to use a detachable cable for a wired-mouse. In the package, there are two cables, a 1.2 meter braided one, with a very tight nylon weaving, and a 1meter long rubberized one.

 ASUS Gladius - Cable

The cable ends in a micro-USB plug that goes into the mouse. While I would’ve liked to see a mini-USB plug, I don’t think I have any problems with the connection. The slider secures the plug, and if through a bizarre accident both cables would end up being torn, you can easily find a replacement.

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