ASUS ROG Gladius gaming mouse review - So many swords!


As I previously mentioned, ASUS has employed the AVAGO ADNS-S3988 optical sensor. Currently this is one of the best available sensors on the market, and until recently it also had the highest DPI amount in the optical department (that is until Logitech came out with the Pixart 3366 IR-LED sensor on G502).

The response isn’t 1:1, but it’s very, very close. As it stands, this is one of the best performing optical sensors on the market, which is something to be expected. As it stands, there’s little to no difference between the low DPI performance and the high one, though the jitter has a slight increase alongside DPI & polling rate.

Gladius 250-125Hz

Gladius 1500 500Hz

Gladius 3000-1000Hz 

There is little to no positive or negative acceleration, which again is a great, and expected development. Hell, ASUS even lets you have the option of adding acceleration in, if you really want it.

Take my recommendation for what it is. This was one of the best available optical sensors when Razer employed it last year in the Deathadder 4G, and it remains one of the best even now when Gladius uses it.


Compared to the GX-1000, Gladius is a masterpiece in terms of design and ergonomics. As it stands, the mouse fits almost every type of grip. I think this is what ASUS was going for, and for the most part, they got it right.

I myself am a palm-grip user who loves heavy mice. I considered the G502 a great palm-grip mouse, as I did TT eSports’ VOLOS. However, Gladius is not necessarily in the same bracket. It takes a while to get used to, since the backside is slightly curved upwards and the up & back buttons are positioned too far back. However, that’s because it caters to finger-tip and to a lesser extent, claw-grip users as well (though a claw-grip might find it not all that balanced). 

The shape reminds me of Razer’s Deathadder, maybe a bit less curvy and better fitting in the hand, but similar still.


Lastly, there’s the gaming aspect, the reason you’d buy a gaming mouse. Well, the overall package surely is appealing. The sensor provides an almost 1:1 response, which means raw-input games like Battlefield 4 and CS: GO benefit directly from it, while the great ergonomics and light-weight frame means even low-sensitivity players can enjoy it without fatigue settling in.

However, just because Gladius is foremost a shooter mouse, that doesn't mean it does not fare nicely in the MMO & RTS department as well. The software package is versatile and easy enough to use, so if you are the kind of player who wants to create what is essentially a script, I don’t think you’re going to have any issues in that department.

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