Upcoming Titanfall DLC map screenshots and details released

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Respawn Entertainment has revealed new details and several screenshots for some maps included in the upcoming DLC pack for Titanfall, IMC Rising.

Respawn's Community Manager Abbie Heppe previously announced the third "and final" DLC pack for Titanfall, IMC Rising, at Gamescom, back in August. The developer has now released a series of screenshots and new details regarding the maps including the DLC. The pack includes three new multiplayer maps and it will be made available later this Autumn.

Zone 18

The first map, Backwater, which is set in a hidden bootlegging colony in the mountains. 

"Backwater is defined by its elevation changes. The rice paddies give Titans room to dash and duel in open fields, but gaining the high ground in the center of the map is often the superior tactical option.

"Meanwhile, Pilots can travel underground through grain storage facilities to escape Titans and move from hardpoint to hardpoint. The Pilot spaces were designed to be simple and compact, keeping the action fast and constant."


The second map, Zone 18, is an old IMC base hidden in the wilderness of the Dakota system, where IMC still continues its research, despite the destruction of the Hammon Robotics' corporate headquarters on the Frontier.

"Zone 18 is roughly broken into two equal sides divided by a central path. This main path has a few alleyways cutting off it which are great for Titans to escape engagements very quickly and provide pilots with fast wall runs across the map.

"Zone 18 is a fast-paced map that can be overwhelming for pilots who decide to venture onto the rooftops. With minimal cover on the tops of buildings, the underground paths are a better choice, assuming the goal is to stay alive."

Respawn has yet to reveal any details regarding the thrid map included in IMC Rising, Sandtrap.

Titanfall has seen its sixth game update going live for Xbox One and PC in early September. Among the improvements and additions coming with said update, there's the Pilot Skirmish mode, removing Titans and AI oppenents fromthe Battlefield, colorblind mode, and the option to buy Burn cards from the Black Market.


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