Fractal Design Node 804 chassis review - A great cube to use

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First Look

The Node 804 follows the traditional Fractal Design packaging, being wrapped in a bag, with some added Styrofoam for protection and then positioned in a simple cardboard box. Sure, there's enough info on the package, showcasing the HDD drive cages, product specs, and even a thoroughly detailed exploded view of the chassis. 

Alongside the case, there's some reading material: a promotional pamphlet and a detailed user manual, and the mandatory accessories, represented here by: 5 cable ties, 8 MOBO standoffs, 8 rubber anti-vibration washers, 31 SSD screws, 4 tiny screws for the optical drive, 40 3.5" drive screws, and 4 supply screws. 

Once past the standard packaging, I turned to the case itself. Currently, Node 804, unlike the Node 304, is available only in black. The chassis looks very minimalistic, with small accents represented by the white fans and HDD cages. This is Fractal Design's modus operandi, presenting this type-o-case that'd fit in almost any environment by not catering to a specific demographic.

Fractal Design Node 804 - Front Side

The front bezel is built out of plastic, textured to look like brushed aluminum. Its lower section is dedicated intake, covered in a fine metallic mesh with tiny round holes. To the right, there's a power LED and next to it the Fractal Design logo.

Fractal Design Node 804 - Left Side

Turning to the sides, you can see how Fractal Design is working with subtlety. The right side-panel is built from aluminum and strapped to the frame by 2 screws. Towards the front-edge, is where the I/O ports are positioned (a rather unfortunate placement, since it would have been better to be at the top or in the front). These are represented by 2x USB 3.0 ports, audio jacks and the Power Switch, with a slim-line optical drive mount that's hidden inside the front bezel.

Fractal Design Node 804 - Right Side

On the left there's a nice large side panel window, this one giving you a nice view of the insides: the motherboard, video-card, cable management and whatever else you may decide to add.

Fractal Design Node 804 - Top grill

The top panel is shaped to match the curvature of the front-bezel, and unlike the two side-panels, the frame is mostly plastic, with a huge metallic mesh area in the middle. The panel slides off, just like the one on Fractal Design's Arc Midi R2.

Fractal Design Node 804 - Back Side

On the back of the case, you have 2x120mm white-fans with, the motherboard I/O, 5 PCI slots, and the PSU slot at the back. Interestingly, Fractal Design also added a 3-speed fan-controller (High, Mid, Low) that is unfortunately not connected to the pre-installed fans or properly cable-managed. 

 Fractal Design Node 804 - Underside

Lastly, I reached under the case, where there are 2 rubber padded feet to make sure it stays where you put it, and a large fan-filter positioned in an optional fan mount location. There are also some velcro-straps towards the front, and a smaller filter for the PSU.

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