Fractal Design Node 804 chassis review - A great cube to use

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So, let's talk of this temperature aspect. As I previously mentioned, I first took a reading with the panels secured neatly with screws, so the case wouldn't get cold without its metallic attire. Then, I stripped it all down and ran all the tests again. I then recorded the variation between the two numbers, and that should represent the air-flow effectiveness for the case out of the box.

I compiled the table below to showcase the temperature difference between the chassis with all panels added and one with only the frame:

  With Panels Without Panels
CPU Temp Idle 37°C 34°C
CPU Temp Load 56°C 54°C
Motherboard Temperature 34°C 36°C
Noise level 32DB 41DB

The noise level I got was with the switch on the fan controller turned to the highest setting. Overall, the chassis is exceptionally quiet, and is almost inaudible at more than a meter away.

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