Samsung Level Over wireless headphone review - New Game +?

This year, when Samsung revealed the Galaxy S5 and its plethora of wearable devices, it also announced its foray into the ever-growing headphone market, with the 'Level' line-up. As it happens, I got my hands on the largest of the bunch, the Level Over wireless headphones.

Samsung is the kind of company that goes after almost every growing market and succeeds, more or less, to make a lasting impression. Since Beats by Dre established the notion that a pair of cans can also be a fashion accessory and headphones were "in", it was only a matter of time before the company showcased its approach to the scene. It eventually did so, with its 2014 smart-device reveal at MWC, when Samsung also pledged its dedication to high-res audio. The audio series is currently represented by 3 products, the Level-IN in-ears, the Level On, and the Level Over.

Samsung Level Over - Product Shot 

Leaving the silly names aside, all three models are premium headphones, with Level Over being the one to feature Bluetooth 3.0 for wireless connection, active-noise cancellation, touch-panels, and pretty much anything else you would expect from a tech-heavy pair of cans. 

These kind of features are no longer unique in this day and age, not when there are so many headphones sporting similar abilities, including the Parrot Zik, Outdoor Tech Privates, Jabra's Revo Wireless, and I am sure, many others. Some of 'em are even cheaper than the Level Over, which is priced quite heavily.

This makes me wonder, does Samsung manage to bring something new to the table, or at least polish to damn near perfection what is already there? Let's see.

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