Samsung Level Over wireless headphone review - New Game +?


Right off the bat, Level Over aren't cheap. Also, if you are looking for audio fidelity, there are most assuredly other cheaper models out there. However, if you want a plethora of features, wireless connectivity, an above-average audio, and a very striking aesthetic, these cans, priced at $349.99, are a great deal.


Samsung's Level Over manages to live-up to its flagship namesake. It's a good pair of headphones, and an excellent wireless audio device. It offers full-bodied sound without the need to bring out the EQ, and performs admirably across a multitude of smartphone devices.  

It's not going to be an audiophile darling, and it doesn't come close to a neutral signature (it goes for the fun audio instead), but what it offers is convenience and an above-average sound. 

Do I recommend it? Yes, there are very few premium wireless headphones on the market, and even fewer that come with as many added bonuses as the Level Over does. 

Thank you to Samsung for providing us with a review sample!

Pros Cons

- Great Build Quality;

- Very comfortable;
- Proper packaging;

- Rich, detailed sound;
- Wide and deep soundstage;


- Not really travel friendly;
- Noise cancelling leaves a lot to be desired;



Build Quality

9.0 8.6 Audio-Quality


9.2 Design



Price & Value




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