Samsung Level Over wireless headphone review - New Game +?


Despite its massive size, Level Over is a surprisingly comfortable pair of cans. The massive ear cushions don’t cause any fatigue, and the wide headband manages to even out the weight without causing strain on the head, which is a very common complaint when it comes to heavy, full-sized headphones. You could wear them for hours, and you might even forget they’re there, if they wouldn’t weigh down on your ears.

Though comfortable, Level Over is large, and polished in such a way to draw attention to it. These are no subtle headphones, and they're not only designed for music, no, they’re a fashion accessory above all else, so keep that in mind. 

Below you will find the specs, and I have to say, I would have liked to see a more complete and detailed list from Samsung. 


Driver Diameter: 50 mm


Headphone: 105dB ±3 dB (1KHz/1mW)

Frequency Response

Headphone: 5Hz ~32.000Hz

Maximum Input



41 Ohm

Cable & Connection

Cable: 1.2m cable with controller;

Connection: 3-Pole 3.5mm gold-plated / Bluetooth 3.0 Wireless;

Noise cancelling




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