BrainWavz HM9 Headphone review - Hulking, sturdy and loud!

Price & Value

Currently, HM9 is available for $119.50, and for this price it's probably one of the consumer cans you can buy. There are very few alternatives available (Sol Republic Tracks HD / Sony MDR-XB300), and almost all of 'em don't have the same clarity / detail.


I ended up liking the HM9 more than I was expecting to. It's built like a tank, and it feels like one too. I think it's a bit heavy, but other than that, I have no complaints it terms of build and design. In fact, I find it impressive that such a bulky pair of cans is so comfortable.

When it comes to sound, HM9 is decent, especially when you consider its price. BrainWavz was clearly going for a wider-audience with these cans, and I think they got it. It has what could be considered a fun signature, and though there are some issues with it (I would have liked the mid-range to be a little less veiled for example), the end-result is still one of the best in its bracket and price-point.

Thanks to BrainWavz for providing us with a sample for this review!


Pros Cons

 - Great Build Quality;

- Worth every penny;

- Surprisingly comfortable;
- Proper packaging;

- Rich, detailed sound;
- Wide and deep soundstage;


- Ear-cups bite on the top of the ear;
- Slightly veiled mids;
- Noticeable bass bleed;



Build Quality

9.2 9.0 Audio-Quality


8.8 Design



Price & Value



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