BrainWavz HM9 Headphone review - Hulking, sturdy and loud!


I found BrainWavz HM9 heavy, but comfortable. The circular cups are not large enough to rest around the ear, instead being a more on-ear kind of fit. The headband is however wide, and it evenly distributes the weight, while the padding is generous.

The whole on-ear bit is what I would like to see improved, because the cushions kinda bite on the topside of the ear. While it doesn't hurt me because of the relatively light grip, I can see how it could cause problems on someone with a larger head.


Below, you will find a table detailing BrainWavz HM9 specifications. Note, these are readily available on the official site, and no additional digging is necessary, which is always welcome.


Type: Over-ear (On-Ear) (closed-back)

Driver Diameter: 40 mm dynamic


Headphone: 104dB @ 1mW

Frequency Response

Headphone: 10 ~24.000Hz

Maximum Input



40 Ohm

Cable & Connection

Cable: 1.2m & 3m flat cable
1.2m cable with remote


340 g

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