BrainWavz HM9 Headphone review - Hulking, sturdy and loud!

First Impressions

The HM9 comes in an attractive but standard grey-package featuring: a headphone glamour shot, specifications, package contents, the works. Inside, there's nothing more than a black-red nylon hard-case. This kind of case is lacking in higher-end models (I am looking at you Fidelio!), and its more than welcome here. Opening the case you get the headphones and a small pouch containing 3 cables: a flat one-meter long one, a flat 3-meter long one, and a mic'd rubberized one.

 BrainWavz HM9 Headphones - Accessories

The headphones seem sturdy, and the added aluminum gives a nice contrast to the simple matte black finish. There's also an inner steel band accent providing added durability, some extra weight, and even more visual flair.


BrainWavz HM9 uses 2x40mm dynamic drivers housed in closed-back circular plastic cups. The leatherette cushions are stretched around a plastic disk that can be screwed on to the cups. Though detachable, BrainWavz isn't selling any replacements.

 BrainWavz HM9 Headphones - Inner Cups

The closed-back cups are fixed on the horizontal axis, and they can only move about 15° on the vertical axis, enough to fit the shape of the head. However, this doesn't mean the cans have a tight grip, quite the contrary. They feel a bit loose, though they still clamp well enough to not worry about 'em while walking (or light running even).

BrainWavz HM9 Headphones - Folded

 BrainWavz HM9 Headphones - Left EarcupBrainWavz HM9 Headphones - Right Earcup


The wide black-matte headband is split in two, a plastic outher shell with the BRAWINWAVZ logo on it, and the inner padding wrapped in pleather. The steel running through adds quite a bit of heft, but overall, I can't say the headphones cause any strain. You won't forget they're there though, the weight is a bit too much in that respect.

BrainWavz HM9 Headphones - Headband 

A hinge allows them to fold up in order to be placed in the case, and there are up to 10 added extenders on each side. 


HM9 come with 3 different cables: 1-meter long cable with a 1-button remote / microphone for mobile, a 3-meter flat cable for use in house, and another 1m flat cable with no microphone.

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