Sims 4 gets swimming pools, ghosts and more as free-DLC

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Maxis announced Wendesday on the official Blog that several free content releases will be made available for Sims 4 over the next few months.

Sims 4 will be getting ghosts, swimming pools, career paths, and new outfits over the coming months. All of it released as free DLC.

First on the list, Ghosts, will be made available in October. Dead Sims can return to the world of the living and even keep the attributes they had as a Sim, but with added special behaviours based on how they died. For example, Sims who perished in a fire will tend to set the home aflame on their own. These Sims can also be ressurected through various means.

Ah yes, with the October update, Sims will also have several Star Wars costumes to try on.

Sims4 Star Wars Costumes

Coming November, Maxis will also add pools to the game, quelling the rumor EA was keeping them for randsom. Toddler stage, another seemingly absent that had fans up in arms, is not yet announced.

Lastly, the December update will add new career paths and rewards.

Maxis also promised new features and expansion packs further down the line, waiting for the right feedback from fans. 


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