Alien Isolation review - Capturing the Xenomorph essence


At the time of writing, Alien: Isolation is available for $49.99 on Steam. Since there are few great horror games, I’d say Isolation is decently priced. The campaign takes between 10 hours to 30, depending on how many times you die.


I am pleasantly surprised by Alien: Isolation. Despite its flaws, and there are quite a few, it still stands as one of the best survival-horror games in recent memory. I don’t know if that’s a testament of Creative Assembly’s achievement, if the genre suffered a bit in recent memory. Yeah, the advent of YouTube might have increased the number of titles available, but only a few get the atmosphere just right.

I am happy to say, Alien Isolation is one such game, and my faith in the Alien franchise is finally restored.


Pros Cons

 -  Tense cat & mouse game;
- Atmosphere true to the Alien films;
- Smart, unpredictable AI;
- Great use of sound;

- Uncanny Vallet type animation;
- Story feels padded;
- Crafing system / inventory is a mess;

Aesthetic:   8.0 9.1 Storyline:      8.5
Sound:        9.2 Optimization: 9.2
Gameplay:  9.3
Price-point:    8.5 



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