Alien Isolation review - Capturing the Xenomorph essence


The less I talk about the plot of Alien Isolation, the best. Not because the story fails to deliver, but because knowing key moments of the plot changes the way you’d see the game. Here, more than in most other titles, the plot works in tandem with the campaign, ramping things up as it goes.

However, I could recap the synopsis without any spoilers. 

Alien Isolation follows Amanda Ripley some fifteen years after the events of Alien. Looking for her mother, she gets stranded aboard the space-station Sevastopol, where an Alien drone is hunting everyone.

Alien Isolation - Familiar 

Across the campaign, you get androids hunting humans, scavengers struggling to live, a large dose of corporate douchebaggery involving Weyland-Yutani, ant at least one of those moments of “No, no, no!”

Overall it’s nothing more than a standard Alien plot, and I could see it as a small in-between story Alien & Aliens. 

Isolation is a slow-burner. The story moves at a snail’s pace, and there at least one or two padded missions, but here’s the shocker, it might play in its favor. Why? With atmosphere and tension ramping up, a really slow plot could help with immersion.

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