Borderlands the Pre-Sequel review - Explosive moon landing

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Borderlands: The Pre-sequel could best be described as a filler title, something Gearbox had to put out, while working on the next big thing. Does that make it automatically bad?

Not necessarily. Borderlands is a tried and tested formula, and The Pre-Sequel doesn’t seem to fall too far behind the rest of the series. Sure, it isn’t developed by the Gearbox, instead 2K Australia taking the reins. For all it’s worth though, not much has changed, except most characters becoming Australian all of the sudden.

 Borderlands the Pre-Sequel - Title Image

In a way, it reminds of Far Cry: Blood Dragon, though Pre-Sequel doesn’t do enough to separate itself from the Borderlands II. Instead, it expands on the original game, adding some slight mechanical quirks, new characters, a whole new world to explore, and “funny” characters to meet.

While it behaves like a competent co-op shooter, I don’t expect it to rock anyone’s boats. Now let me explain why.

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