Borderlands the Pre-Sequel review - Explosive moon landing

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Borderlands The Pre-sequel carries the $49.99 AAA price-tag with it, and I am not sure it warrants such a tag. After all, it feels more like an expansion pack than a complete game. Add the aggravating Season Pass priced to $29,99 and you have a few problems.

Yet, AAA publishers have done worse things still. I still recall a certain Kojima game that wasn’t anything more than a glorified demo priced at $39.99.


Despite me liking Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, I can’t say the game needs to exist. Sure, it adds depth to some of its characters, and gives more nuance to the world, but there was plenty of that already. It follows the same tried-and-tested ground the 2-other Borderlands and more than 2-dozen DLC packs did in the past established in the first place.

It’s a formula that works, but for how long?

However, the low-gravity mechanic, jumping, classes and items inject some life into the series, and manage to gun-play entertaining. Overall, it’s worth your time, maaaybe even the money (I am not sure about that), but I for one, would have liked to see more.


Pros Cons

- Great gunplay;
- Movement no longer tedious;
- Funny at times;
- Great co-op;

- Poorly optimized;
- Still repetitive;
- Shorter and less varied;
- Pricey;

Aesthetic:   8.2 7.1 Storyline:      7.5
Sound:        9.0 Optimization: 7.0
Gameplay:  7.5
Price-point:    6.5
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