The Evil Within review - A metric ton of blood


At the time of writing, The Evil Within is available on Steam for $59.99. It has enough content to justify its price-point, and if you can get over the optimization problems, you migh have a good time with it.


Shinji Mikami is one of the people who pioneered the survival-horror genre, and seeing him return to the drawing board is great. Shame he did with The Evil Within. There are enjoyable moments here and there, the challenge is present, and the game manages to mix tension with tongue-in-cheek humor that I didn't know I had missed. Overall, I found the game entertaining, albeit exceptionally frustrating. I probably would have been less forgiving if it didn't have more cheese than a cheese cake dipped in mozarella. 

Alas, there's also the terrible PC port. The controls are not responsive, video-options are lacking, and the 2.5:1 aspect ratio is infuriating. Therefore I can only issue this recommandation: if you want an experience to remind of Resident Evil 4 (and don't want to replay RE 4), then The Evil Within is might be right up your alley.


Pros Cons

- Challenging;
- Ridiculous and cheesy;
- Funny at times;

- Terrible PC port;
- Same boss fights over and over;

- Terrible controls;
- Weak story;

Aesthetic:   7.5 6.5 Storyline:      7.0
Sound:        9.0 Optimization: 5.0
Gameplay:  7.5
Price-point:    8.0
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