G.SKILL announces the Phoenix Blade Series PCIe SSD

G.SKILL announces the Phoenix Blade Series PCIe SSD, its next generation of high-speed, high-capacity storage device. The Phoenix Blade PCIe SSD is a storage solution for extreme gaming, professional graphic design, industrial design, and HD video & audio content creation.

By introducing extreme read and write performance, the potential of today's multi-core processors can be unleashed, resulting in higher productivity and performance, whether you are in extreme gaming or professional design. Built with x4 LSI SF-2281 SSD controllers in a RAID0 setup and integrated with a 480GB array of MLC flash, G.SKILL Phoenix Blade PCIe SSD increases the bandwidth performance up to 4 times over typical SATA3 based SSDs!

G.SKILL Phoenix Blade uses a PCIe Gen 2.0 x8 interface, allowing the system to send massive amounts of data to and from the SSD and to improve performance for professional and industrial graphic applications. With 480GB of storage capacity, the SSD is pushing the read and write speeds at up to 2,000MB per second! It also is capable of 245K IOPS!

GSkill Phoenix Blade SSD

TRIM and SCSI UNMAP support with major Windows OS versions help maintain consistent write performance, reduce flash deterioration, and most importantly, extend drive life expectancy, along with an extensive set of S.M.A.R.T. attributes. CRC protection prevents data corruption during transfers. By implementing BCH ECC of up to 55 bits per sector and RAID-5-like data protection, flash cell errors and page/block failures are avoided.

The G.SKILL Phoenix Blade PCIe SSD includes a 3-year limited warranty.

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