BrainWavz announced its first portable AMP, the AP001

BrainWavz revealed the portable audio-amplifier, the AP001.

The 15.5g amplifier is capable of driving headphones with an impedance between 16Ω - 150Ω, and it's designed to be used with pretty much every device with a 3.5mm audio jack, be it an smartphone, MP3 player or iPhone. Using an OP Amp the AP001 is able to deliver powerful audio amplification and bass enhancement, without much colouring or distortion to the original audio signal.

AP001 standalone

The AP001 features a 120mAh battery, which is rated for 12 hours of continuous use. As it stands, the device is a simple, little intermediate piece, with no on-off switches, since the circuitry inside detects when the audio signal is present, and automatically turns on or off depending on the signal. The AP001 also features two line out which can deliver equal power output to two headphones, earphones or speakers at the same time.

Some relevant specs:

 SNR 100dB;
 Output 50mW;
 Consumption 8mA (power-on) / 10uA (power-off);
 Supports 16 ohm - 150 ohm earphone & headphones;
 10Hz - 100kHz;
 Automatically defects audio to power on and off.

The Brainwavz AP001 portable headphone amplifier has a $30.00 SRP and should be available on multiple outlets, including 

 Availability: 27th October 2014
 SRP: USD $30.00

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