Logitech UE Boom wireless speaker review - A proper music tube

Until recently, we didn't take a look at Logitech's dedicated music line-up, Ultimate Ears. However, with UE Boom finally landing on my desk, that's going to change. Its time to see how this Bluetooth Speaker fares, so stay a while and read.

A few years back, Logitech has launched the Ultimate Ears brand, which focuses on dedicated music devices. It currently features headphones, premium IEMs, and 2 Bluetooth Speakers: the UE Boom, and the UE Mini.

Shaped like an energy drink can, the Ultimate Ears Boom is a rugged bluetooth speaker with quite a hefty kick behind it. It comes in six colors - white, blue, moss-green, pink, red and black - and there are also some "artist" designed models. 

Logitech UE Boom - Bluetooth Speaker 

Now I haven't had a chance to review many bluetooth speakers, only taking a look at Antec's SP1. However, I did try a few of 'em (albeit briefly), including the Jawbone Jambox and even JBL's Flip 2, the speaker that mostly resembles the Boom. Yet there are many differences between the two; UE Boom can be daisy-chained with another speaker for true-stereo, and it also comes with a special "acoustic skin with plasma coating" that makes it water and stain resistant.

All these added features do, however, make it a bit pricey, and there's the question if all that added boom is actually worth the money. Well, since I got a dark-grey / black version on the test bench, so it's time to take a look.

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