Logitech UE Boom wireless speaker review - A proper music tube


Now, this is one of the best sounding Bluetooth speaker I listened to in a while, though there are some issues here and there. It doesn't always distort at high volume, except for the bass, which suffers from bass-heavy tracks.

Unlike the JBL Flip 2, the bass isn't as present. The distortion is quite noticeable, especially with tracks like 'Make it dem bun' at high volumes. Other than that, the speaker features a better dynamic range and a fuller sound than any of the aforementioned speakers, including the SP1, the JBL Flip 2, and the Jawbone Jambox.

UE Boom also has better clarity, and oddly enough, the midrange is the best performer. Acoustic tracks like 'Redwoods' shine with this speaker. Lastly its considerably louder than the JBL Flip 2, or the SP1, being one of the loudest wireless speakers I listened to. When you take into consideration daisy-chaining 2-Booms, you get better separation, and better sound, but the bass is still lacking.


The lows are clear, focused and have a nice punch behind them, but unfortunately they're not that present. I'd say UE Boom tries to go for a neutral audio response, but truth be told, I feel the mids are the most pronounced. Overall, the bass is enjoyable to listen, although it gets distorted at high volumes, and it feels less emphasized than highs and mids.


The bass transitions nicely to the mid-range, which is the most focused part. It's warm, pleasant sounding, and exceptionally clear. It doesn't lose any of its qualities going towards the highs, which grants a lot of lee way to acoustic tracks.


Unlike the SP1, the highs are slightly rolled off, but there is a lot more clarity here, and the cymbals are actually impressive for a wireless speaker.


As far as its speakerphone capabilities, UE Boom seems pretty good. Inside, people on the other line can hear you properly, and I could hear them fine. However, outside that might change, depending on the surroundings. Unfortunately, the microphone catches environmental noise, which might make things harder to hear.

UE Boom App

Like a handful premium wireless speakers, UE Boom has its own app - being aptly called UE Boom - which is available for Android and iOS devices. 

The app has a 5-band equalizer, set up alarms, daisy chain two speakers together to help fill a larger space with sound, or set one as the left-channel and another as the right channel for some impressive stereo separation.

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