SoundMAGIC HP150 headphones review - It's a kind of Magic

If you've been part of any audiophile community, the brand SoundMAGIC should at least ring a bell. While the company hasn't updated its site in a long time, they still make interesting (and up-to-date) audiophile products available. Case in point, SoundMAGIC HP150.

A follow-up, or better yet said, an upgrade to the original SoundMAGIC HP100, this full-sized over-ear headphone set immediately drew my attention when I  had a chance to listen to it. There are very few headphones that actually manage to impress me when it comes to detail, at the same time providing an entertaining edge to their respective sound.

SoundMAGIC HP150 - Product Image 

HP150 manages to do just that, show that a neutral-like signature is still enjoyable, without feeling overly analytical. It's a nice reminder in a market where there are plenty neutral-sounding headphones that lose musicality in favor of detail and clarity.

As such, I do expect it to become a dear for many audiophiles, just like Audio Technica's M50 (M50X) or Sennheiser's HD600 (HD650) are. Enough with the praise, it's time to look and see what made me so enamored with these closed-back headphones.

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