SoundMAGIC HP150 headphones review - It's a kind of Magic

First Look

Looking at what is a relatively simple package, I can tell SoundMAGIC is confident in the HP150. Why? Well, because they actually detail everything about these headphones right on the box. You get a nice specifications table, proper design description, and even a damn frequency response-curve. There are only a handful of manufacturers who actually care enough (or are proud enough) to slap said curve on the box.

 SoundMAGIC HP150 - Carrying Case

Inside, there's a relatively decent (and bulky) carrying case that contains the headphones, which are rested in a foam-shaped insert lining, as well as a mesh pocket with a velcro strap for the accessories: 1.2m cable (with a 3.5mm side that locks into the right earcup), a 3m extension cable, 6.3mm (1/4") twist-on adapter plug, and airplane adapter.

Ear Cups

The 53mm neodymium drivers rest inside large circular cups, which are attached to the headband via a Y-Fork. The earpads are still shallow, but seem to be plushier and deeper than the HP100. Sadly, at lest in my case, the cup still makes contact with my ears.

SoundMAGIC HP150 - Left Earcup SoundMAGIC HP150 - Right Earcup

Though closed-back, SoundMAGIC added two small (few milimeters) holes at the back of each cup, which are there to improve the sound-stage. Aside from the Y-Fork (which also allows the cup to rotate a full 180), there's also another hinge that can roll-back each cup up to 90 degrees. 


SoundMAGIC has added a very thin metal sheet that goes through the headband. The headband can be extended for up to 9 notches on each side, and said steps are actually marked. The notches don't feel loose or wobbly, even after quite a lot of abuse. While the metal frame is thin, the headband doesn't feel frail, and has some very thick padding on the inside of the band. 

 SoundMAGIC HP150 - Extenders

As expected, everything is wrapped in soft proteic leather.

SoundMAGIC HP150 - Headband


Lastly, we have the cable, which is thick, rubberized, and seems to be durable enough, even though it retains the much needed flexibility. Both cable ends have a nice strain relief next to the jack and and the plugs are metal with gold-plated connectors. 

The extension follows suit with the same thickness and similar shielding, but its 3.5mm end doesn't have a thread for the 6.3mm adapter like the original 1.2m cable does.

SoundMAGIC HP150 - Connectors

Sadly, I have one problem with the cable, and that's the ear-cup lock-in mechanism. I know it's the same lock-in system as the HP100, but the way its implemented unfortunately limits the use of third-party cables.

What this means is that though it's detachable, if you happen to damage the 1.2m long cable, you're left with a bit of an issue.

SoundMAGIC HP150 - Cables

Thankfully, the cable itself seems to be resilient enough.

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