SoundMAGIC HP150 headphones review - It's a kind of Magic


At the time of writing, SoundMAGIC HP150 is about $200, give or take $10 depending on the store. At this price-point this is a great deal, considering the build-quality, comfort and most importantly the excellent sound-signature. As it stands, HP150 is one of the best choices available for budget audiophiles.


As I mentioned at the start of this review, I see HP150 as a dear for audiophiles. It's a strong pair of cans, with good build quality, and an excellent signature. In fact, from what I listened to, these headphones are some of the best sounding headphones under $300. However, to get the most of it, you will need a proper amp, because it adds body and much needed texture to the signature.

However, even without an amp, HP150 is still impressive.

Thanks to SoundMAGIC for providing us with a sample for this review!


Pros Cons

-  Full bodied, neutral sound-signature;
- Great build-quality;
- Comfortable;

- Lock-in mechanism limits the use of third-party cables;



 Build Quality

9.2 9.1 Audio-Quality


9.0 Design



Price & Value



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