FSP power supplies are ready for Intel Haswell

FSP PC power supplies are compatible with the 4th Generation Intel Core Processors (code named Haswell). These new processors are an upgraded design that will offer significant power savings and improved performance. Haswell processors introduce new C6/C7 low-power sleeping states that reduce Ivy Bridge's 0.5Amps down to only 0.05Amps minimum load on the 12V2 rail.

FSP models with Active Clamp and LLC topology (including Raider, AURUM, AURUM S, AURUM CM, AURUM Xilenser, AURUM PRO, AURUM 92+ series and other bulk models) are certified by 80 PLUS® and can also meet the new minimum load requirement of 0.05Amp on 12V2. These models are in the process of becoming officially certified by Intel® and will be listed on Intel®'s official website. Some of these power supplies have a single 12V rail design but they will still be certified by Intel® as compliant with the 0.05A minimum load requirement on 12V. FSP logo

FSP has also tested the compatibility of many other power supply series together with the motherboard manufacturers, ensuring that they are also compatible with the new C6/C7 low-power states from Haswell. Many popular models like HEXA and other bulk models successfully passed the tests. FSP is consulting and discussing with Intel® regarding compatibility testing of these and other series.

All series of FSP power supplies with various architectures are not only certified by 80 PLUS® for Standard / Bronze / Silver / Gold / Platinum efficiency levels but also comply with Haswell platform's performance requirements. FSP power supplies can meet the peak 18A requirement on the 12V2 rail. Besides, they support the C6/C7 low-power idle states of Haswell systems.

FSP successfully introduced its own designed ASIC under the name of MIA IC™ in 2010, preparing the way to support the future demands of Intel® with our zero-amp Active Clamp architecture. Keep leading and converting with your choice on mid to high series of FSP!

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