Silverstone EBA01 headphone stand review - A leg to stand on

If you're a headphone enthusiast, then you spent at least several hours looking for a proper stand, whether it was a DIY solution, or a premium hand-made piece of, well, furniture. I've never reviewed headphone-stands in the past, but since SilverStone sent me the EBA01, I said why not give it a bash.

Being an audiophile usually implies extended costs on accessories, often paying more than others are willing to, for their entire audio experience. Headphone stands are part of said accessories, while not mandatory, they are a welcome sight, especially if one's can collection is not limited to one single pair. There are many options available, some cheap, and some ridiculously expensive.

SilverStone EBA01 Headphone Stand - Product Image

I'd consider the SilverStone EBA01 as a decently priced item, over the DIY price-point, but with a rather pleasant, minimalistic aesthetic that cannot really be attained without work in design and production. 

Before I begin, I should remind you that I haven't written about headphone stands before, nor do I believe that this is going to become a trend. I see SilverStone EBA01 as a one-in-a-blue-moon write-up. 

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