Silverstone EBA01 headphone stand review - A leg to stand on

First Look

Assembly is required. Thankfully, everything fits in perfectly, and the end-result feels like a one-piece construction. Two long-screws mount the heavy base to the vertical arm, while four additional ones affix the curved stand onto it.

SilverStone EBA01 Headphone Stand - Packaging


According to SilverStone, EBA01 is built out of aluminum, and from the looks of it, that's entirely true. The stand is 280mm tall, with a 220mm-diameter base, and a 150mm long hanger. The finish is quite nice, with a semi-rough polish feel to it. It also has quite a bit of heft behind it, weighing in at 1.48kg, from which about 900g are the base.

SilverStone EBA01 Headphone Stand - Base 

Turning it upside down, you find 4 rubber pads that serve to protect any delicate surface you might place the stand on. Considering its metal construction, that's more than welcome, since it would most likely scratch pretty much everything it would come in contact with.

Design & Use

I am not going to prepare a elongated write-up on the design, not when an image can show exactly what I want to talk about. The base is heavy enough to hold some of the largest cans out there. The hanger is nicely rounded, which means it leaves only a small indent on the headphone's headband.

SilverStone EBA01 Headphone Stand - Headphones 

The hanger is also elongated which enables the placement of 2 full-sized headphones at the same time. I positioned even the largest ear-cup headphones (or headsets) onto it, and still managed to add two of them simultaneously. With smaller ones, like the Sennheiser PX100, SteelSeries Flux, Sennheiser Momentum, or Bowers & Wilkins P3, you can add several of them with ease.

I do have one slight complain when it comes to design, and that is the rather sharp edge on the hanger, particularly towards the front. If you're not careful enough you migh knick the cushions when taking the headphones off. This isn't an actual complaint, but a stub would have been better suited here. 

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