Just Cause 3 won't feature multiplayer at launch

Just Cause 3 will release with only the single-player mode, developer Avalanche Studios has confirmed.

The open-world sandbox game Just Cause 3 is slated for release next-year for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, and it will not include any multiplayer mode at release, Game Director Roland Lesterlin and Avalance co-founder Cristopher Sundberg confirmed to Game Informer. 2010's Just Cause 2 wasn't released with multiplayer support either, but a number of fans, with the developer Avalanche and Publisher Square Enix permission - released a multiplayer mod post-release.

Just Cause 3 - 3

"We don't expect the fans to make the multiplayer for Just Cause 3, but at some point you have to make a choice on where your focus is. Our strength is the sandbox experience, and we want to deliver a great Just Cause 3 experience." Sundberg said.

Though the game won't be launched with official multiplayer support, Sundberg teased with the prospect of multiplayer post release, by saying ""Maybe sometime down the line we'll take Rico into the modern world of multiplaying."

Lesterlin also stated that while Just Cause 3's game map may not be just as large as the one in Just Cause 2, it will packed with even more content.

"Just Cause 2 was already enormous," he explained. "We really want to focus now on density and the feel of the world itself.

"So we didn't necessarily just have to do increased land mass, but we have certainly gone a lot bigger when it comes to density of the world and now it's not just on top of the world, we also have caves and tunnels and all sorts of stuff there too."

Last Week, Avalanche Studios has officially announced Just Cause 3 for release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC in 2015.


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