Far Cry 4 review - An elephant ride in the Himalayas

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Far Cry has been a franchise of distraction and chaos. It stands as one of the few good first-person sandbox series, and it also comes with colorful characters, wild untamed pieces of land, as well as chaos sown as you blaze through, becoming the central character in conflicts older and far bigger than you. Of course, Far Cry 4 couldn't be far behind on its delivery.

I thoroughly enjoyed Far Cry 3. Its writing was over-the-top grim at times, so much so that it became it silly, but the action balanced it all out, and the finished game was an overall joy to play. That is, if going to a South-East Asian tropical island, killing soldiers, hunting everything that moves, and doing copious amounts of drugs could be considered joyful.

 Far Cry 4 - Title Image

Now, Far Cry 4 has to deliver something at least similar, which fortunately, it does. The game is very iterative in its nature, though that might not be an issue, since there aren't that many sandbox-shooters out there, and even fewer that are this dense.

You find yourself in Kyrat, a fictional kingdom in the Himalayas, packed with jagged rocks, plenty of color, and an entire glossary of beasts ready to be tamed or slaughtered (for a brand new wallet and gun-holster). At first, this world might seem peaceful, maybe even simple, but that is soon to be changed when the new super-bad guy (this one doesn't die half-way through) Pagan Min wants to tear some shit up.

Crazy comes, crazy goes, crazy happens, so why not enjoy it?

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