Far Cry 4 review - An elephant ride in the Himalayas

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 For the $60 price-point, you get from 13 to 60 hours of open-world sandbox shooter action, with an interesting setting, fun gunplay and plenty of colorful characters.


Far Cry 4 is Far Cry 3 only with a new setting, new weapons, and new characters. I know that’s like saying it’s the same if you change the ingredients, dressing, and spices, but the two games really play the same. What’s more important is that many of the mechanics employed here have become a staple of Ubisoft games in recent memory. Whether you are playing Watch_Dogs, Assassin’s Creed Unity, or the Far Cry 4 at times, you will note the many similarities between titles.

While the worry of yet another Ubisoft game being just an Ubisoft game looms over Far Cry 4, thankfully it’s not there yet. The setting is colorful and interesting (and too rarely approached), there are plenty of weapons and diversions to be had. Yes, the campaign is problematic at times, the characters sometimes feel like caricatures trying to act serious, and the co-op feels tacked on, but despite its many issues, I still found Far Cry 4 fun to play.

Pros Cons

- Colorful setting;
- Colorful characters;
- Wide array of weaponry available;
- Plenty of stuff to do;


- Still grim tone not fitting the fun shooting action;
- Not so well optimized for AMD users;
- Co-op feels tacked on;
- Most missions defeat the concept of sandbox freedom; 

Aesthetic:   9.0 8.0 Storyline:      8.0
Sound:        9.0 Optimization: 7.0
Gameplay:  8.0
Price-point:    9.0
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