Tesoro Kuven 7.1 Gaming Headset review - Hades' sound helm


Originally the headset was priced at $89.99, and with that price-point it faced very stiff competition, including but not limited to HyperX's Cloud, QPAD's QH-85 (both rebranded Takstar headphones), but also Siberia Raw, Tritton Kunai, and Creative SoundBlaster EVO. Thankfully, Tesoro lowered the price to $59,99, making it one of the best deals in the entry-level bracket.


Overall, Tesoro's incursion in the audio territory is decent enough, but it needs work. The build quality is somewhat average, and a bit more metal especially in the headband would be more than welcome. 

When it comes to sound, the bass needs to be (not as overpowering,) tighter and faster, enough to deliver a much needed punch. The mids could also be slightly more emphasised, because they add detail in-game and that's something almost mandatory.

However, I have faith in Tesoro, they seem to be the kind of company that takes into account any type of feedback feedback, so very likely that Kuven v2 might just blow my mind.

Still, for its current price-point, Kuven is a steal.

Thanks to Tesoro for providing us with a sample for this review!

Pros Cons

- Angled-cups fitting the ears;
- Plenty of accessories;
- Clear mids;
- Great price;

- Overpowering, bloated bass;
- Dark, veiled treble;
- Stiff headband;


Build Quality

7.5 8.1 Audio-Quality


8.0 Microphone



Price & Value
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