Tesoro Kuven 7.1 Gaming Headset review - Hades' sound helm

First Look

The packaging is really simple. Inside you get the headset, (there's also a nice window showcasing its ear-cups) a small USB sound-card, and an additional 2m braided extension cable, a Y-Type converter, and the mandatory reading material. It might look like standard packaging, but it's actually quite refreshing to see so many accessories in what could be considered a budget headset. 

Ear Cups

Tesoro's ear-cups are anything but traditional, and from the looks of it, the shape is catered towards aesthetic more than sound. I may be wrong but that's where the sound impressions will come into play. Thankfully, the cups are angled and the cushions are soft, with an oval-interior side that allows them to sit just right around the ear

 Tesoro Kuven - Right CupsTesoro Kuven - Left Earcup

As for the technical side. The square-ish cups house 50mm drivers, and use detachable pleather wrapped pads. The pads themselves are easy to remove, having plastic hooks that strap to the cup.


Here's my first problem with this headset: the headband. While it is wide enough and the massive amount of padding makes it feel decent, the cushion itself is unfortunately very stiff. It springs back almost instantly, and this creates an artificial sensation of tightness.

Tesoro Kuven - FlatHeadband

I imagine that in a few weeks of extensive use, the cushions will loosen up, but right now, about 2-weeks using them for 4 hours a day, it still is a problem.

Each cup has a nice swivel motion, and there are 11 extenders on each arm. These are properly marked, and the right & left cup-images suggest there's also a nice sheet of metal going through the headband. However, the metal doesn't seem to be thick enough to add much in terms of durability. The extenders also seem to be quite loose, and the cups often slip down. That may only be happening only with the sample we have, but it seems to slip off due to the indents not being deep enough to sustain the cups' weight.

Tesoro Kuven - Headband


Kuven has a 1.2 meter long nylon-braided cable that ends in 2x3.5mm jacks for headphone & microphone. There's also an additional 2-meter braided extension cable, with the exact same ends. Finally there are two other ends, a small USB dongle, as well as Y-type 2 to 1 convert cable ending in a 4-pole 3.5mm jack, for smartphones, tablets, or maybe a PS4.

Tesoro Kuven - Extra Cables ConnectorsTesoro Kuven - USB Dock

The USB dongle features a CMedia CM108AH controller, with dual 16-bit DAC (93.7SNR, -71.1THD+N), and microphone Booster. It also comes with a driver that enables the virtual 7.1 DSP, and features settings very similar to those of an integrated soundcard. 

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