Tesoro Kuven 7.1 Gaming Headset review - Hades' sound helm

Sound Impressions

After about 50 hours of listening (and playing), my impressions of Kuven's sound is mixed. The first thing I noticed was the overpowering bass, and the second was a subtle veil, as if a piece of cloth was placed between the cups and my ears. 

Other than those two very noticeable aspects, I'd say the headset is fairly decent. It has a signature aking to a Razer Kraken headset, though with a bit more clarity in the mid-range. The bass is, unfortunately, just as strong, just as bloated and just as slow. Thankfully, the cans have a lot more clarity than the Kraken, and it actually rests somewhere between the G230 and the HyperX Cloud.

It features a decent sound-stage, better than the HyperX Cloud, but weaker than the G230, or 9H. The instrumental separation is also quite good, but don't expect it to blow your mind. 


Following the gaming headset trend, Kuven has a very powerful bass, one that slightly bleeds into the mid-range. It's also slightly bloated, and apparently not fast or tight enough to keep up with fast-paced drumming for example. On tracks featurings fast and agressive beats, like Arctic Monkey's Brianstorm for example, the bass struggles to keep up.


The midrange is clear, crisp and would actually sound impressive if it wouldn't be overshadowed by the bass. It's a lot more focused than the one on Logitech's G230, and it adds more detail to game (or vocals, if that's your thing). Shame it doesn't get a better chance to shine.


Lastly, there's the trable, which is the least nuanced of the bunch. This makes the headset sound somewhat dark. I was also expecting a bit more sparkle, but unfortunately there's not much there. What little there is, is clear and focused enough, though still veiled.


Thankfully, there's one place where this headset shines. That is the soundstage, which is pleasantly spacious, wider and deeper than that of the G230, and most assuredly superior in every way than the one HyperX's Cloud features. 


While listening impressions are impirtant, the gaming behavior matters the most. Most gaming headsets seem to be bottom heavy, and Kuven is no different. There's a lot of bass here, which makes explosions and guns sound exceptionall satisfying. 

7.1 virtual surround sound, courtesy of the USB dongle is also decent. It allows you to easily pinpoint the position of a gun-shot, which is the "competitive" edge you'd be looking in a gaming headset. The mid-range clarity might give way to subtle details like footsteps or nearby sounds, but to get the most of it, you might need an eq to lower the bass' overpowering presence.


If the Kuven's sound signature needs work, the microphone is fairly good. Tesoro went with a bi-directional cardioid microphone able to register sound from the front and the back of the capsule. Environmental noise won't be noticeable, but if you have a mechanical keyboard, when you type, the clackity, clack, clack sound will be noticeable.

As for the quality of recording, the microphone registers voice quite clearly, but unfortunately, the recorded voice is slightly tinny.

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