Nintendo is discontinuing the 3DS XL in Japan

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Nintendo is to cease the production and selling on its Nintendo 3DS XL in Japan, the corporation has announced, as part of its plan to focus the market on its next handheld.

The 3DS XL, launched in Japan on July 28 2012, has been popular in the country - out of all 3DS systems sold in Japan, almost half of them - about 7 million units - were 3DS XL, despite being made available to the market later than the original version.

Nintendo 3ds blue red silver

Writing on its official website, Nintendo has revealed that it will cease production on the older XL model, making the updated hardware becoming the flagship version. The hardware page on Nintendo's official Japanese website added the message "ending production soon" for all seven colors of the original 3DS XL.

A new 3DS XL model, announced in August is to be made available in Europe and North America in 2015, and features a series of improvements over the current available models, including a more powerful processor, a second circle-pad, and ZL & ZR buttons.

At the time of writing, the release date for the new 3DS XL for Europe, UK and US has not yet been revealed, though it's on track for a 2015 launch.

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