Game of Thrones Ep. 1 Iron from Ice review - One good start


However, the important part of any Telltale Game is the storyline. Doubly here, since Game of Thrones is a franchise built on intrigue, lies, and political machinations. If you’re a fan, and lurked around the many dedicated GoT forums, you should know all the intrigues, and theories going behind every book / TV Show event. You’ll know exactly what killed every important character, whether he was driven by movie-type honor, misplaced priorities, or desperate desire to get a confession and too much showmanship. Watching these events unfold, you’re struck only by the brutality and the sudden fall of “Hero” characters, but you’re never in their shoes, forced to make the appropriate decisions, and also get your skull crushed by Gregor Glegane.

Telltale’s Game of Thrones writers are expecting you to be familiar with HBO’s TV show or read the books, enough to be accustomed with the central characters, intrigues, and locations. In fact, the game opens with you being present at ‘The Red Wedding’ in the camp before the Frey’s begin to slaughter everyone who’s from the North.

Telltale Game of Thrones - Red Wedding

However, you won’t follow any of the central characters, but instead focusing on House Forrester, known for its Ironwood. You play as 3 different characters, Ethan Forrester in the North, Mira Forrester in Kings Landing, and Gared Tuttle, Forrester squire returning home. Ethan often mirrors Robb & Bran, as he finds himself being the new head of the House, and Gared Tuttle has a bit of Jon Snow in him.

Mira in King landing has to deal with the volatile Cersei Lannister as she requests help for her House, while Ethan has to deal with Ramsay Snow. With both characters being threatening just by demeanor, you feel like you’re running on the edge of the knife, so that even if you managed to reach the end, you’re still going to get cut.

Telltale Game of Thrones - Margaery

Sadly, the new characters are either not fleshed out enough or feel like caricatures (Even though Ludd Whitehill is shaping up to be a perfectly villain to hate). The folk settled in Ironrath, Seat of House Forrester, are not really interesting. Ethan is forced to choose a new Sentinel at one point, and the two characters he has to choose between literally feel like early 19th century European Political Propaganda, with one being a pacifist in every action imaginable, and the other one opting for the scorched earth option.

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