Mionix Naos 7000 gaming mouse review - Bloody premium mouse


Mionix Naos 7000 is quite a pricy mouse to be had. At the time of writing, it's $79,99, which puts it in the premium peripheral bracket, alongside ASUS' Gladius and Logitech's G502. Is it worth the asking price? I think so, even though it doesn't have anything world-changing. It stands as a premium mouse due to its build-quality and polish, and it needs nothing more.


There's something about Naos 7000 that is especially striking. It's not a special peripheral, and it seems like shouldn't even be able to stand next to its equally-priced competitors. Yet it challenges them, and in certain aspects, it comes out as the better piece of tech. It manages this by a tremendous amount of polish, and a fewer bells and whistles in favor of a robust, yet simple design.

The mouse is a no nonsense kind of device. The only frill it has are the two lighting accents, but without them it might feel dull, or not "gamer" enough. Yet, make no mistake, other than that, everything Mionix offers has its place, and has some use. Nothing is wasted.

Pros Cons

- Fantastic ergonomics;
- Excellent sensor;
- Great build-quality;

- Not so great for claw & fingertip grip;
- Could have a better scroll-wheel;

Build:           9.0 9.1 Sensor:           9.6
Ergonomics: 9.5 Features:        9.0

Design:         9.0

Price:              8.5



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