Mionix Naos 7000 gaming mouse review - Bloody premium mouse


Mionix Naos 7000 uses the same sensor as SteelSeries' Rival, and I said pretty much what I had to say about AVAGO ADNS 3310 in that review. It's a very good IR-LED sensor, with almost flawless tracking. While 1:1 response is hard to attain, and even harder to measure, in this case, the sensor has some impressive stats: no prediction, no negative / pozitive acceleration and very little jitter (even at high DPI).


Something has happened to my right-hand after I started using Mionix Naos 7000. Previously I had no contact with Mionix rodents, and for the past few months I happily used Logitech G502. Now, I feel my fingers demanding a change. While Mionix doesn't go to 10k+ DPI figures, and does not have fancy weight-management system, it probably has the most comfortable shape for palm-grip users.

I cannot stress how quickly I adapted to it, but in 20 minutes, it felt like an extension to my arm. It became the best feeling palm-grip I tried in recent memory, despite it not having any weight customization options. It feels better than G502, ASUS' Gladius, Corsair M95, tteSports Volos, pretty much everything that tries to cater to heavy palm users.

However, in doing so, it has one disadvantage. Claw-grip and fingertip users will not find it so welcoming. Mionix might state Naos 7000 is for claw-grip users as well, but by using an uni-body shell, left & righ click cannot be triggered from the back, and that severely limites the claw-grip aspect for the mouse. It could still be used, but it's not nearly as comfortable as palm-grip. Sadly, fingertip doesn't even get that much attention.


It's ridiculous to think that a mouse can change the way you play a game. At best, the peripheral behaves the way it should, precise, comfortable, as an extension of your arm, of your skill. It becomes a tool working with the gamer. When it fails to do so, it hinders and opposes the player. Sadly, all to often you get gaming mice, supposedly designed to game, that fight against the one using them.

Mionix has designed a flat, large mouse, with fantastic ergonomics and a powerful IR-LED sensor, and good-enough build-quality. There are only a handful of mice matching it.

Playing games with raw-input like Battlefield 4 or CS: GO and you will notice its precision. Its light-weight and great ergonomics will also allow low-sensitivity players, who enjoy pushing mice across desk-pads the size of Fields, and have no fatigue settle in.

Lastly, there's the software. While it doesn't seem to have the interconnectivity Logitech, Razer and SteelSeries products enjoy, it's versatile & simple enough to use. Since the length of a macro seems to be limitless, you could very well have an entire review written as a macro, press click, and then watch sit back and relax.

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