SilverStone EB01-E DAC review - First of an audio ensemble

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Both EB01-E and EB03 are priced at around $190, which places them in the budget audiophile bracket. If EB03 matches the DAC's performance and complements it accordingly, than this might one of the best bundles available on the market today. Whether this is the case or not remains to be seen.


SilverStone has managed to surprise me. While I was genuinely interested in seeing how well the DAC performed, I wasn't expecting it to be this good. Sure, there are plenty of things that could be improved. From Power & USB input being separate, to a better accessory package and better amplification. Hopefully, at least some of these will be improved with the EB03.

Still, the EB01 stands as a strong piece of technology, delivering a pleasant, detailed sound. While the async USB leads into better transparency and detail, the SPDIF input improves things a lot more. 

Considering its price, I can happily recommend this DAC. Paired with the EB03, it might be one of the best audio solutions in its price-bracket. Don't quote me on that though, not yet anyway.



Pros Cons


 - Great build-quality;
- Tight bass with great speed and proper punch;
- Good layering and instrumental separation;



- Accessories feel cheap;

 - Un-amped the sound-stage is small;






Build 9.3 9.0 Audio-Quality
Design 8.8 Range
9.0 Price-point



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