Cougar 600M gaming mouse review - A new mini


One thing Cougar learned quickly from the big-guys is to make a software bundle, trademark it, and make it unified across all platforms. In this case that's the Cougar UIX System, able to configure and customize the peripheral (with lighting and tracking options), macro recording and sharing between devices as well as device synchronization.

Unified as it is, the bundle is an individual download for each peripheral, and Cougar has added multiple language variants for each of its devices. 

At the time of writing, the UIX seems easy to use, with large tabs foar each key feature. However, the whole Profile Management system needs to be reworked a wee bit. The software shows three Mode tabs for standard profiles, and if you end up making custom profiles, these are available in the drop-down menu below.

Cougar 600M - Profiles 

This entire system confuses me since you make new profiles by clicking Game Profile Management. Literally half of the left-side menu is for Profiles, and honestly each tab / menu / button should be able to fulfill the task singlehandedly.


Under the whole Profile Mess you have Performance which consists of DPI Settings (with 4 DPI stages), Sniper DPI Setting, Polling Rate (125Hz - 1000Hz), Angle Snapping, Lift Height, Double Click Speed, Scroll Speed and lastly Windows Pointer Speed, with Mouse Acceleration.

Cougar 600M - Performance

Key Assignment

I kinda like the key Assignment system. 600M has a very large image of the mouse with specific icons for each button. If you want to add new functions, you simply drag and drop new assignments on the apropriate icons. You have three different pages, one for Basic functions, another one with Advanced containing DPI switching, Sniper Mode Switching, Media Functions, KB & Mouse Switch, Launch Program and so on. Lastly there's the Macro section.

Cougar 600M - Key Assignment

Macro also seems susprisingly complex, with Macro Groups, and a very extensive Macro which showcases the number of actions, the device the action is recorded on, and takes into account things like mouse movements. This kind of recording could very well be used to create actual bots if you spend enough time with it. It's that complex.


600M has RGB backlighting used in the three DPI indicator sand under the left click. You can put the mouse uner a breathing mode, fully lit or off, and the Color Control gives you a color wheel, a series of pre-determined colors, and a 0 to 255 RGB color control where you can further optimize the preffered color.

Cougar 600M - Backlighting

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