Sony MDR1-A headphone review - Hi-Res bass

With Sony continuing to expand its Hi-Res audio line-up this year at CES, I thought it'd be a good occasion to finally check-up the brand here. So, lemme see what new Hi-Res headphones are there. The MDR1-A! Ah, I guess I can work with that.

Being a headphone enthusiast isn't an exclusivist endeavor anymore. It's not reserved to a small group of people willing to spend small fortunes for that 0.5% critical sound. Sure, them folk are still there, but the available choices have been expanded massively for the budget / mid-range audiophile as well. Whether you love it or hate it, Beats kickstarted a massive growth in the headphone market, and brought many a key-player to the forefront. Though Sony has pushed audio for years (for decades actually), the Hi-Res brand is relatively young, and unfortunately, until last year, woefully under-marketed. Now, the company has expanded this series considerably, preparing even a $799 pair of headphones and an unbalanced portable DAC, as well as several DAPs that at the very least look absolutely gorgeous.

Sony MDR1-A - Product Image 

It’s no secret. Sony is good at making some really good lookers, and the MDR1-A is most assuredly that. These headphones are the 2014-updated version of MDR1, still branded Hi-Res, with the same metallic, shiny look. They feature angled drivers and a somewhat bassy signature (as it is tradition).

Alas, that might be an issue for me, since I’m the kind of bloke who likes his sound mellow, neutral, with a sparkly but warm treble. I have mixed feeling about strong bass. At times it might be a good thing, depending on the tracks, but it can also take a lot from a song if it isn’t done right. Still, I promise I will try to look at them from a bass-hunter point of view.

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