Sony MDR1-A headphone review - Hi-Res bass


Sony priced the MDR1-A at $299, and this places it in the same bracket as the Fidelio L2, Sennheiser Momentum and a number of other travel-friendly cans that could give it a run for their money. What it has over them clearly, is the sound-stage and separation, which is damn good. However the signature is not necessarily as good.


I am torn. I want to really enjoy MDR1-A. The build quality is good enough, the packaging does its job, and they look damn pretty.  At the end of the day, that soundstage, that's the thing that keeps me coming back to them. The boomy bass almost kills it though, and if it wouldn’t be for the amazing layering and separation, then I’d have to find some nice words to say I don't really like it.

Consider this recommendation: If you like your bass, then you will most assuredly love these headphones. If you want to hear a great soundstage on the go, then you should at least look at them, despite the overpowering lows. If you want a critical listening experience and want something almost flat / neutral, then I'm sad to say, but you should look someplace else.


Pros Cons

-  Exceptional sound-stage;
- Comfortable;
- Warm, mellow sound;
- Sounds great with no amplification;

- Boomy, overpowering bass;
- A carry-case would be nice;



Build Quality

9.2 9.0 Audio-Quality


9.0 Design



Price & Value



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