BrainWavz S0 IEM review - Balancing a budget earphone

Following my S1 review, I decided I should look into more IEMs, since I don't have the right experience in this department. Luckily, the folk at BrainWavz were more than eager to help, sending me an S0 pair for a second try.

As I previously said when I was writing about the BrainWavz S1, I am not an IEM lover. I don't have that many earphones, and my interest in this field is somewhat limited. Instead, I'm a full-sized can kinda guy. Still, I can't remain ignorant to all audio solutions just because I'm not a fan, not when tech (especially sound related) could whirl past me at an alarming speed. As such, after the S1 write-up, I have procured a pair of Westone UM Pro 10 and Shure se 215-k. I know these aren't the most high-end IEMs, but for the purpose of at least several future reviews they should do the job.

 BrainWavz S0 - Product Shot

I've also had a few chats folk who are more enthusiastic about IEMs, and I managed to get an audition with Bower & Wilkins' C5, to which S0 is probably most akin to (in terms of sound). So, without further ado, let's see if these earphones are worth their weight.

Ok, that question is a definitive yes, so let’s look at other stuff, like say, how good do they sound?

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