BrainWavz S0 IEM review - Balancing a budget earphone


BrainWavz is always going to be a budget IEM that dreams of the stars. It's currently avbailable $44.50 and that sounds just about right. What you get for this price-tag: accessories, build-quality and sound, is worth every penny. However, that doesn't mean it could stand on its own just as well, if it jumped over the $50 mark. The competition becomes exponentially more fierce and better equipped the higher you up the price.


More or less, BrainWavz still keeps its build-quality standard even when it comes to budget-friendly IEMs. S0 seems to be a resilient pair of earphones, made for everyday use. While not suited for analyitical listening, and featuring what could only be called average isolation, these are still somehow pleasantly surprising. 

What makes them so pleasant? 'Tis the overall package for me. A generous amount of accessories, a very well built pair of earphones featuring a non-agressive, warm, and clear enough sound signature.

If you're looking for a budget IEM, then S0 should definitely be on your list.

Thanks to BrainWavz for providing us with a sample for this review!

Pros Cons


- Great build quality;

- Worth every penny;

- Plenty of eartips available;


- Soundstage is somewhat small;

- Bass can feel boomy at times; 
- The flat cable is still a nuisance;



Build Quality

9.0 9.0 Audio-Quality


8.6 Design



Price & Value



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