BrainWavz S0 IEM review - Balancing a budget earphone

First Look

Let's say that BrainWavz has some well defined standards when it comes topackaging. For IEMs, this includes a nylon hardcase (red and black accents), half a dozen fitted ear-tips, a pair o memory-foam tips, and in S0's case, a 'BrainWavz' branded cable tie and a shirt clip.

BrainWavz S0 - Accessories 

While simple, the packaging manages to provide pretty much any type-of-accessory you'd need, and overall the unboxing experience is more than enough for an IEM of S0's caliber.

The earphones

The S0 is built out of an aluminium alloy that almost looks like plastic. The build quality is extremely good - elegant, light-weight, nicely shaped and really polished. Instead of S1's bulky design, or S5's Shure type build, S0 features a standard straight shape which can either be worn down, or over-ear. The S0 is also light-weight clocking in only 16 grams of weight (from which it's safe to assume, most is the cable). 

 BrainWavz S0 - Casing

The housing cable strain-relief is made out of relatively rigid red rubber moulded onto the metal. It's not as bulky as S1's, even though it still looks like it will last for quite some time, and manage to protect the cable in one its more "sensitive" regions.


BrainWavz outfitted S0 with a 1.2m long copper cable wrapped in flat-sheath rubber (TPE). It feels very solid, but the choice of rubber paired with the flat design, makes the cable have some serious spring to it, which makes that shirt-clip almost mandatory.

 BrainWavz S0 - Cable

The V-split has been reduced considerably from the S1 (S5), and is now a more manageable size. It's still flat and also comes with a cinch that seem to work quite well.

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