Fiio X1 DAP review - Setting a new bar

Price & Value

There are plenty of DAPs on the market, and more are being released with every passing day. However, for most, the price-point is around $300. There are even $1000+ models if you're interested in making your wallet cry. Budget ones on the other hand are not so easy to come by. This 'scarcity' puts Fiio's X1 in an unique position. Right now it's priced at $100, which makes it the only budget high-res (192kHz/24bit) DAP available (as far as I know).

Its low price also allows it to play the role of a gateway portable device audiophiles. You start with $100ish portable sources, and then you start wondering: "what does X3 have to offer, or X5?" The rest is history.



I enjoyed my time with the X1. The small DAP feels and sounds better than what you would expect from a budget player. It doesn't set out to destroy its higher priced brethren, X3 or X5 (that would actually be counterproductive for Fiio). No, what the company has instead designed a device that fits in a rather unique bracket, one that is clear of competition at the moment (as far as I know).

The fact that they actually managed to deliver a resilient, good looking device that follows in the footsteps of X5 and establishes a trend to be followed by future Fiio products.

In short, if you're looking for a dedicated music device and don't intend to spend too much, X1 is a great option. Even if you pair it with an additional amp to drive some larger cans, you will still end up paying less than $200. At that price, there's just no way to beat it.


Pros Cons


 - Good looking;
- Great sound;
- Fantastic build;
- Great price / value;


- UI could use some improvement;
- No built-in memory;




Build:        9.2 9.2 Sound:           8.6
Design:     9.4 Features:         9.0

UI:        8.0

Price:                9.2



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