BrainWavz HM5 headphone review - The price of neutrality


Here's the thing, in their price-bracket, I cannot think of another pair of headphones that matches HM5 in terms of quality and sound. These are currently available at around $130-150, but the price is fluctuating so I cannot tell you the MSRP set-in stone pricing. I should also point-out that just like Fiio X1, these seem like great budget audiophile cans, the kind you buy to get hooked on to this world of audio, and explore the wonderful lands of weeping wallets.


I promised a detailed and in-depth write-up, and I hope I delivered. Overall, I really did like the HM5, even though it sounds like I was overly critical of them at times. That's because I really want to see an improved version, but that's another story for another time.

The cans themselves feel well built, are comfortable despite the tight-clamp, and have a sound-signature that is more than worth their price. Lastly, when it comes to accessories, BrainWavz always delivers what feels like a premium package.

Yes, there are several small issues that keep niggling at my shins, but none of them feel like serious caveats, and most of them could be adressed with a bit of modding. One, after all, needs to remember that everything is replaceable.

I'd like to thank BrainWavz for providing us with a sample for this review!


Pros Cons

-  Plenty of Accessories;
- Comfortable;
- Fantastic isolation;
- Exceptionally moddable;
- Great value;

- Bass needs a bit more kick;
- Clamps tightly on the head;



Build Quality

9.0 9.0 Audio-Quality


8.8 Design



Price & Value




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