BrainWavz HM5 headphone review - The price of neutrality

Comfort and Specs

HM5 wins some points for the plentiful padding, the exceptional isolation and the overall softness of the ear-cushions. However, it also loses some due to its really tight clamp. I don't even have a massive head and the first thing I noticed when I put them on was the exceptional clamping force. I was expecting them to start hurting, but fortunately, due to the aforementioned padding, and that fantastic headband, wearing fatigue never came, even though they were tight on the head throughout.

You can try to loosen them, but keep in mind that the headband uses a very springy type-o steel which might end up just bending it in ways that will make the cans un-wearable. As such, I can only recommend fully extending the metal arms and waiting for it to gradually loosen over time. For me, it became noticeable even after about a month of use.

I don't usually talk about the ear-pads, but since it seems that a quarter of the cup is padding, I should dedicate at least a few words to them. They measure about 30mm uncompressed, and they do compress to at least half when worn. Still, I had no issues with my ears touching the driver like I did when I used SoundMAGIC's HP150. The pleather can become somewhat warm, since everything is a closed space, so the longer the listening session, the more heated they become.

One last note I want to bring up are the yokes. BrainWavz, here is my only complaint, both when it comes to build-quality and comfort. The plastic yokes seem to be resilient enough to hold the cups, but the tight clamping will put some serious strain on them and since they have no metal inset to keep them in-line, they will be the first to break.



Driver: 42 mm dynamic


Headphone: 105dB ±3 dB (1KHz/1mW)

Frequency Response

Headphone: 10Hz ~ 26.5kHz

Rated Input



64 ± 10% Ohm at 1kHz

Cable & Connection

Cable: 1.3m removable cable / 3m removable;

Noise cancelling




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